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Treats and Tees - It Is TEE-rrific

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Paint Pallette

Thank you for considering a Treats and Tees design session.  We know that you will have a TEE-rrific time.

Based on our conversation, we have listed additional information about our Treats and Tees classes for your review.  Please let us know if there is a theme for your field trip so that we can tailor the TEE-rrific class to your theme.

Treats and Tees Information: A TEE-rrific Painting Class with Sweets.

A Treats and Tees painting class provides your artists with all the materials needed:

  • A TEE-rrific artist/teacher  who guides the participants through each step of the design process.
  • Age-appropriate designs and art lessons - Participants should be old enough to hold a paint brush and follow basic instructions.
  • A t-shirt, tote bag that the child designed and can wear or carry over and over again!
  • All materials, t-shirts/tote bags/canvas, paint, brushes, aprons.
  • LOTS of TEE-rrific FUN!

1. Cost per person

Our Location

(minimum 5 attendees)


Your Location

(minimum 10 attendees)

Paint on T-shirt


Paint on T-shirt

S-XL  : $13.50


S-XL  : $18.50

2X-3X: $15.50


2X-3X: $20.50

4X-5X: $17.50


4X-5X: $22.50

6X      : $19.50


6X      : $24.50

Paint on Tote Bag


Paint on Tote Bag




Paint on Canvas


Paint on Canvas




2. Party Duration: 1 ½ hour activity time.

3. White color t-shirt or tote with image outlined in black; similar to paint by number but on a t-shirt or tote and without the numbers.

4. Each child receives treats and something to drink.

5. We do not offer licensed characters (Mickey Mouse, Dora, American Girl, Cars, etc.) without permission from the license holder. However, we will select a similar image from our stock images. For example, if your party theme is Cars, we can print an image of a car on the t-shirt but it will not be the characters from Cars.

6. Two weeks prior to the party, you must

7. Pay non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total.

8. If you are painting tees, email us the # of tees needed by size (youth and adult).

If you want to proceed with the party, please let us know so that we can book your TEE-rrific party.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Thank you for your business,

Stephanie and Clarissa


Design-A-Tee Company

5636 Belair Road

Baltimore, Maryland 21206




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